Envivo’s ALS Team Digitising Your World

Envivo is pleased to highlight our Airborne LiDAR survey capabilities.

Airborne & vehicle mounted LiDAR is becoming more recognised as a powerful tool in the digitisation of an ever-changing world. It provides a fast & efficient means to capture data over large areas, enabling clients to accurately digitise their assets in a safe low-impact way. Data can then be integrated into utility management tools to enable the client to effectively manage their assets.

This rapid digital approach is ideally suited to large scale corridor projects covering transport routes, powerline & pipeline routes, providing a means to measure & understand not just the assets but the physical world around the assets.

Envivos’ Geospatial team has years of experience offering solutions to electrical generation companies, electrical distributors, transportation engineers & government agencies, ensuring their clients can painlessly & efficiently manage & maintain their infrastructure.

We would be delighted to understand your needs & provide advice around how we can digitise your world.

Island ALS

Capturing ground detail over large expanses of land that is covered in native bush has always been a challenge for surveyors. Envivo’s high tech ALS techniques are now opening the way for these large-scale high detail surveys to be undertaken in record time and with unprecedented detail.

On a recent execution on Waiheke Island our ALS team was able to carry out the survey in 30% of the time a traditional survey could have been undertaken in. The detail is stunning with small tracks through the bush showing clearly in the dataset.

The speed, cost and detail are all compelling reasons to use our team however our digital knowledge can then turn this data into beautiful deliverables including plans, terrain models, asset models and imagery that open the way to analysis and design all in a digital environment.

Inter-tidal ALS

Aerial lidar surveys were utilised to define the critical intertidal MHW and MHWS lines on a large rural property within Auckland City. These tidal lines define critical legislative and cadastral limits and are required when developing land, they define the seaward boundaries and provide the basis for the Queens Chain and its equivalents.

The tidal lines are not contour lines, there elevation changes due to the energy sapping or charging effects of mangroves estuaries and stream flows. By using high definition lidar we can save our clients a lot of time and obtain a higher resolution and more accurate outcome.

Envivos lidar knowledge is helping our clients succeed.

Cliff Surveys

A client recently presented the team with a challenge, they needed a survey of a cliff face including vegetation such as Pohutukawa branches. The cliff was covered in vegetation and inaccessible with areas of slips, extreme slopes and tidal limitations.

The team met this challenge with our Airborne Laser Scanning (ALS) system combined with our Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) we were able to safely produce an extremely accurate and dense point cloud of the cliff. This in turn was processed into a terrain model and topographical plan.

The designers where able to then work in 3D to produce a design that had minimal impact on vegetation and could be easily presented to stakeholders as 3D imagery.

Envivo’s digital team can provide your team with innovative solutions to de-risk and accelerate you next project.

Canal Lidar

Our Airborne Laser Scanning (ALS) team has recently completed the delivery of a topographical dataset covering tens of kilometres of canals on the Hauraki Plains, the use of Lidar datasets has meant the design team benefit from an extremely highly detailed survey at a fraction of traditional survey costs.

The ALS datasets that we utilise often require intense re-processing to get the required accuracy for specific projects and that is where our deep experience in ALS capture, processing and presenting comes to the fore. Our team brings rich international experience to New Zealand which allows us to provide world class ALS to our clients.