Auckland Flood Engineering

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A large number of Auckland properties are on flood plains or subject to flood risks.  If you are developing a property, subdividing, building or renovating you need to know whether your site is prone to flooding before proceeding.

Auckland Council has mapped the entire region with overland flow paths, flood plains, flood prone areas and stormwater catchments.   It’s easy to view the Auckland Council Online mapping tool to see if your property is affected

We have the same flood modelling software package in-house that Auckland Council uses, which means we can easily critique a property and assist with preparing plans for Auckland Council’s consenting process.  Our planners work closely with our engineers and land surveyors to assess each property and prepare the information Auckland council will need included with resource consents.

Chris Shortt, Senior Engineering Manager, said “The Auckland Unitary Plan has provided more clarity and better understanding of the Council’s requirements.  The first step owners need to do is to check out the Auckland Council online map to see if your property is affected.  A property at risk of flood hazards will probably need further investigation.  We can review whether there are any current or future flooding effects – and report on what they could be.  With the right analysis and engineering design the majority of flood hazard areas can still be developed – but not always, in the past developments have been halted due to flood risks.”

Our engineers are specialists in evaluating flood hazards, overland flow analysis, onsite wastewater treatment design, stormwater, water supply and water reticulation.

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This NZ Herald story may be of interest: Auckland region has 52,000 properties sitting in a flood plain