Auckland Flood Surveying continues

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Further flooding in Auckland this week has created more emergency work for our surveyors.  On Wednesday afternoon the Auckland Council response team called on us to survey the extremely high water levels in Drury after more Auckland floods.

One of our surveying teams, lead by Salil Dhungel, responded to the urgent call.  They had already been out on a site all day, having started at 7am and were able to re-group, gather the necessary equipment and information and head out to Drury swiftly.

Salil said “we needed to capture the highest water level and that meant we had to get there straightaway to take measurements.  If we had waited until the next day the flood waters would have receded and the only evidence the Council would have would be the debris left behind.  The ability to capture valuable data decreases over time.”

Our Project and Survey Leads worked with Salil’s team to formulate an urgent workplan and Site Specific Safety Plan for the Auckland flood land surveyor team.  Having undertaken numerous flood surveys over the past few weeks we’re very aware of the dangers and knew that some areas would be hazardous.  The health and safety plan included all our usual assessments and recommendations as well as:

  • Our people were never to be alone
  • Not to enter fast flowing water
  • To be aware that flood waters can rise quickly with little warning; to remain alert and always have an escape plan
  • Aware that the day was fading, we calculated sunset time and ensured our teams only work in adequate light
  • Staff to stay in contact with the team leaders and to ring to ‘check-in’ as they leave site to ensure all staff are accounted for.

Jeanette Ma, Project Lead, added “we’re really proud of our survey teams for responding to the numerous calls for emergency assistance over the past few weeks.  It’s been exhausting but exhilarating too and the value of the information we’re gathering is going to help all Aucklanders with useful flood hazard information.”

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