Auckland Unitary Plan – find out how your property is zoned

Auckland Council publishes final recommendations on Auckland Unitary Plan

Auckland Council published the recommendations provided by the Independent Hearings Panel on the new planning rulebook for Auckland, the Auckland Unitary Plan.

Many of our clients are interested in finding out about zoning for their properties.  The easiest way to check is to click here on the Auckland Council GIS Viewer, search for your street: GIS viewer.

This will also be useful – the Auckland Unitary Plan Legend (which tells you what each colour means)

Auckland zones minimum net site area for subdivisions:

Zone:                                                                                     Minimum net site area:

Residential Terrace Housing and Apartment Buildings Zone            1,200m²

Residential – Mixed Housing Urban Zone                                            300m²

Residential – Mixed Housing Suburban Zone                                      400m²

Residential – Single House lot                                                             600m²

Residential – Large lot zone                                                              4,000m²

Residential – Rural and coastal settlement zone                               2,500m²

The full set of recommendation reports and the Panel’s recommended version of the Unitary Plan is available to view at

The Panel has also provided the council with maps which represent its recommendations in relation to rezoning, precincts, the location of the Rural Urban Boundary and the extent of the overlays. These maps are available through the council’s GIS Viewer:

If you would like to find out more please contact our planning team.  We can assist with your property interests, offer advice and help with maximising your property plans.

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