End to End Services Relocation

Two major events being hosted in Auckland in 2021, the 36th America’s Cup and the Asia-Pacific Economic Forum (APEC), have been catalysts in Auckland Council’s 10-year development plans through a set of projects known as the Downtown Infrastructure Development Programme (DIDP).

The DIDP defines a series of six marine and streetscape projects that will regenerate Auckland’s Downtown around Quay Street and CBD waterfront precincts in readiness for the major events.

The marine works are being driven by an urgent need to upgrade the Quay Street seawall, and with the streetscape projects, there was a window of opportunity to complete them all together with the opening of Commercial Bay and while the City Rail Link construction is underway.

 Envivo has been directly involved with key DIDP design projects including the:

  • 3D master model for the existing and new utility services along Quay Street; and
  • Enabling works and facilitating the End to End Utilities Relocation Project along Quay Street from Lower Hobson Street to Britomart Place within the road corridor.

The projects involved relocating conflicting utilities to a common corridor located under the proposed cycle way.  Relocating the utilities included excavating a trench (from 1.0m to 2.8m wide), laying new ducts, installing new pits, back filling the trench and reinstating the carriageway.

The conflicting utilities that required relocation to the Common Utilities Trench were:

  • Chorus comms cables between existing pits on Lower Hobson Street and Britomart Place;
  • Vector 22kV electrical sub transmission cables (3 x 3 x 160mm) between Lower Albert Street and an existing joint pit on Quay Street between Commerce Street and Britomart Place;
  • Vector comms fibre cable (1 x 100mm duct) between Lower Albert Street and an existing joint pit on Quay Street between Commerce Street and Britomart Place; and
  • Vodafone fibre cables (2 x 100mm ducts) between existing pits at the entrance to Princes Wharf and Commerce Street.

Envivo’s work included not only designing and positioning the relocation of existing infrastructure but also resolving clash detection with the Quay Street West developed design, together with 120 years of unrecorded infrastructure beneath the surface.

We are proud to have been involved with these projects and the regeneration of Auckland’s CBD waterfront, despite the traffic challenges that it has brought to the CBD.

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