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Envivo’s civil engineers provide a total engineering services package.
We work with you to navigate complex engineering projects, from site selection and feasibility studies, through the resource consent process, followed by engineering design, to construction contracts and ongoing project management.

We are excited by engineering challenges of all sizes; large or small, your project will have the best team selected in order to maximise the development, minimise the cost and ensure a smooth transition through the various stages.

We work with you on a project plan and milestone communication objectives. Our engineering teams are experts in their fields, have plenty of real-world experience and are keen to work on a variety of engineering challenges to provide successful outcomes every time.

Our range of civil engineering services

We offer a range of engineering services.
If you’d like to discuss your project with us, please call our team, we’d love to help.

Land Development Engineering
Our engineers can help you prepare a site for construction, with effective bulk earthworks design, sediment control systems, roading and pavement design, servicing infrastructure such as water, power, telecommunications and gas, and drainage systems for wastewater and stormwater.

Stormwater solutions
Envivo’s engineers are experienced in all aspects of stormwater. We utilise computer modelling, analysis and design for extensions to existing infrastructure and the creation of new drainage systems required for subdivision and land developments.

Wastewater design
Whether your development site has reticulated sewerage or requires an on-site solution, we have expert knowledge and extensive experience in wastewater design and systems to meet health and environmental standards.

We provide comprehensive services for new wastewater drainage reticulation and for the extension of existing wastewater systems to accommodate new developments.

Water Supply
Our team provides a full range of engineering services relating to potable water supply. This includes the evaluation of existing water supply systems and the design and monitoring of new water supply networks. We can oversee the construction of new networks, to commission and to monitor the water supply system to ensure compliance with national water standards.

Envivo has considerable experience in the creation of 3D models for site earthworks including determination of cut and fill volumes and development of overall site earthwork plans.

Our environmental team is able to undertake earthworks design, including sediment control design in accordance with the relevant Council standards.

Roading, accessway and pavement design
Our engineers can provide you with designs for roads, pavements, entrance-ways and turning areas. These are designed with your overall goals for the development in mind, to complement the surrounding environment and enhance the end result whilst complying with Council regulations.  We can also apply to Council for new vehicle crossings and common accessways (and other Resource Consents) for you.

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