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Envivo has one of New Zealand’s leading geospatial surveying teams who can capture, process and present data in compelling ways.  We use the latest technology, including the world’s fastest laser scanner, together with years of knowledge and expertise to capture huge data sets, quickly, efficiently and accurately. It’s this trusted data that informs our digital engineering services.

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Our Geospatial Services​

We offer a full suite of geospatial services, including the use of drones, 3D laser scanning, LiDAR, 3D models and augmented reality. Whichever is best for your project, they all deliver information in compatible formats to ensure seamless integration with all your project partners and CAD and modelling platforms.

Work in sectors

Our international award-winning geospatial team has been at the forefront of digital engineering with our geospatial services.  We have been trusted to work on some of New Zealand’s largest, most complex projects across a number of sectors.  Click on our sector links to find out more.

Geospatial Services

We have the full range of surveying technology to transform data and integrate across all CAD and modelling platforms.

  • 3D laser scanning
  • Airborne and mobile LiDAR capture and processing
  • GIS capture and analysis
  • UAV surveys and mapping

3D laser scanning
Scan to BIM. Scan to 3D CAD.

Change analysis for corridor asset management
Pipe routes, rail, roading and transmission lines.

Environmental surveys
Vegetation encroachment for preventative maintenance and coastal erosion purposes.

Topographical surveys
Rapid capture of vast areas and extensive routes.

Road & corridor condition surveys
Including scans of surfaces for degradation, defects and rutting

AI asset capture
Including power poles, signage, road furniture and lamp posts on a city-wide scale

Earthworks modelling
3D meshes for volumetric information

Dilapidation & monitoring surveys
Inspection and monitoring of asset conditions before, during and after construction, alterations or demolition.

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Geospatial projects

Inter-tidal ALS

Aerial lidar surveys were utilised to define the critical intertidal MHW and MHWS lines on a large rural property within Auckland City. These tidal lines

Island ALS

Capturing ground detail over large expanses of land that is covered in native bush has always been a challenge for surveyors. Envivo’s high tech ALS

Geospatial articles

Lidar Survey Efficiency

At Envivo, we take immense pride in the meticulous work of our Lidar Team. Their recent accomplishment in conducting a comprehensive survey for a Solar

Electricity Sub Station Scanning

Our team of Infrastructure Surveyors has been diligently scanning Electricity Sub Stations nationwide. Leveraging our state-of-the-art Leica RTC 360 laser scanners renowned for their precision