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Health & Safety

HSWA and the Contracting Chain

Working with other businesses in the contracting chain is a key duty of Envivo under the new Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA). While on a day-to-day operational basis, our work with other businesses in the contracting chain remains largely the same, the HSWA does put a spotlight on making sure we consult, cooperate and coordinate our activities to meet our health and safety responsibilities.

Significant Reform

The HSWA introduced the most significant reforms for 20 years in New Zealand’s health and safety system. A key change of the HSWA is shifting the focus from monitoring and recording health and safety incidents to proactively identifying and managing risks so everyone is safe and healthy.
A guiding principle of the HSWA is that workers need to be given the highest level of protection from workplace health and safety risks.
As a business, Envivo must look after not only the health and safety of its workers, but also the health and safety of other people at risk including our clients, contractors, visitors and the general public.

Working with Other Businesses on Health and Safety

As a professional services consultancy working on projects involving engineering, surveying and planning, our work often overlaps with other businesses at the same location or through a contracting chain.
There are a number of steps Envivo has taken to support health and safety management when working with other businesses including:

  • Envivo assessing a contractor’s health and safety system through a pre-qualification process
  • Envivo gaining external certification and accreditations such as SiteWise and Prequal
  • Developing Contract Safety Plans and Site Specific Safety Plans to assess and minimise any risks
  • Participation in pre-start meetings where a “high risk activity” has been identified in any work
  • Monthly reporting on health and safety performance
  • Review of health and safety performance including compliance, training, risk identification and actions taken

Communication is key when working with other businesses, and the information that is gathered from the steps above is shared with ALL workers involved in the work.

As well as the steps taken above, Envivo has a number of internal policies and practices that provide our workers with tools to help them work safely with other businesses including:

  • Involvement and engagement of all workers, led by the directors, on health and safety matters
  • A comprehensive induction process on health and safety
  • External certification such as first aid, working at height or confined spaces, SiteSafe passports
  • Training on identifying hazards and risks
  • Providing Protective Equipment and Clothing (PPE/C)
  • A Safe Driving Policy
  • A Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • Access and references to Activity Safety Plans that outlines the safest way to complete work tasks involving any high risk work
  • Training on equipment use

The benefits of working together on health and safety with other businesses are potential productivity gains due to clearer communication of responsibilities and actions as well as avoiding duplication of effort through sharing health and safety information and resources. It also encourages us to work together to sort out any problems earlier in the contracting chain.

By working together with other businesses, Envivo is making sure we are working together for the health and safety of everyone in the workplace.

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