Health & Safety

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We are committed to continually improving the health and safety of our workers.

Mark Finlayson, Envivo Director, said “we’re really good at health and safety, however the new legislation requires a risk rather than a hazard-based approach.  We are taking the opportunity to improve our software and backend systems to reflect this.  After researching possible solutions we bought in an independent Health & Safety professional, Andrew Swensen, to review our organisation to ensure we comply with the latest legislation and have the most appropriate Health and Safety system for our rapidly growing company and increasing number of services offered.  To help us with the incident reporting and our record keeping we chose the People Safe online programme as part of our goal of continuous improvement in all parts of Envivo.

“People Safe software offers a level of communication that hasn’t been possible before now.  It puts H&S at everyone’s fingertips in terms of access to our system.  The cloud-based software is easy enough for everyone to use and has a range of interactive tools that we can utilise on a daily basis.

“This is particularly useful for new staff inductions.  We can ensure that everyone is receiving the same level of training and orientation. While our long-standing staff know how we work, it’s important that with our rapidly expanding workforce our newest people are bought up to speed quickly.”

We reviewed a number of options and chose People Safe as we liked the Kiwi-designed framework, we think it’s a good cultural fit.  We’ve found initial trials are user-friendly and it’s now up to us to make sure it is effective in application.

Clients are expecting more and seeking a systematic approach to design work, asking for safety in design from all contractors throughout the life cycle of the development.

Our Health and Safety includes:

  • Consistent standards and practical guidelines
  • A systematic approach to managing safety
  • A plan on how to meet our moral obligations and duties (as well as our legal obligations)
  • Communication to all staff that our health and safety business standards are non-negotiable
  • A thorough understanding of what is happening throughout the business, tracking, reporting and reviewing

We are aware of our obligations and responsibilities under the new health and safety legalisation – Health and Safety at Work Act which came into effect earlier this year in April 2016.