Marine Surveying

Envivo’s marine surveying team have great expertise in carrying out surveying operations in the intertidal shoreline zone. We undertake surveys that include the seabed, wharf structures, piles, piping and associated onshore plant, buildings and storage facilities. Our real strength lies in our ability to bring all types of datasets together into one complete survey quality deliverable.

The team can offer a variety of marine surveying services including:

  • Nearshore bathymetry (large scale bathymetry and seabed scanning via our trusted contractors);
  • High resolution laser scanning of above water structures (above and below deck);
  • Topographical survey and asbuilt of pipes;
  • GIS capture of assets;
  • Underground asset location and capture;
  • Scanning of plant and storage facilities;
  • Modelling in 3D all of the above for delivery into CAD or GIS; and
  • Monitoring structures and seabed for scour and deflection.

Techniques such as point cloud scanning are quick, accurate and cost efficient.  Find out how Envivo’s marine surveying team can assist your next project with our cutting edge technology.

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