Naval Scanning

The measurement of ships, ferries, boats and other vessels has advanced hugely over the last decade with innovative 3D laser scanning technologies. Envivo employ the trusted Swiss brand Leica Geosystems equipment to produce world class point clouds for the Naval industry. The accurate capture system allows for downstream production of digital twins including 3D measurable imagery, point clouds and 3D models.

Digital twins allow your team to visit the ship remotely, measure accurately, understand environments and find solutions to problems. You can fit replacement equipment digitally before the ship docks, have connectors prefabricated with confidence that when installed the fit will be perfect. The datasets allow you to analyse deformation, monitor change and gain insight into critical systems.

Digital twins reduce risk and downtime and they help keep your fleet working hard. Envivo are trusted by the NZ Navy to get it right every time, our accurate digital twins are providing engineers unfettered access to the ships no matter where they are in the world.

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