Envivo_Structural_Engineering_Passchendaele_New Zealand_Memorial_Garden_2017_Rob_Walsham

New Zealand Passchendaele Memorial Garden

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Rob Walsham, our Principal Structural Engineer, visited Tyne Cot cemetery near Zonnebeke in Belgium last week for the official opening of the New Zealand Passchendaele Memorial Garden.

The New Zealand garden commemorates the 100th anniversary of the horrific battle known as NZ’s darkest day in WW1.  Envivo engineers have been working with Boffa Miskell and MPM Projects to design, construct and deliver a suitable contemplative garden of remembrance.  Most of the elements were made in NZ and shipped over to Belgium in containers. Each of the 846 brass disks embedded into the slabs represent a New Zealander who died in the morning of the 12th of October 1917 and each of the 2,700 small round holes randomly piercing the column represent the number of New Zealanders wounded or missing at the end of the day.

The New Zealand National Commemoration for the Battle of Passchendaele took place at 11 a.m. on 12 October 2017 at Tyne Cot Cemetery, Zonnebeke. This is the largest Commonwealth War Grave Cemetery in the world. It contains 520 New Zealand graves and further New Zealanders are listed on the New Zealand Memorial to the Missing in the Battles of Passchendaele.

Rob said “it was very moving to be at Passchendaele for the services, there were a number of events we attended and every one was heartfelt and a sombre reminder of the devastation of war.  It was particularly gratifying to be able to contribute and leave a lasting thank you for those who have been affected in so many ways.  We were very happy to see the end result is such a beautiful and fitting garden of contemplation.”

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