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Pine trees surveyed to assist park management

Envivo-Surveyor-Survey-Western-Springs-Trees Envivo-Survey-Western-Springs-Trees Envivo-Western-Springs-Pine-Trees-Surveyor-Surveying

When Auckland Council wanted to prepare a plan for management of Western Springs Park’s trees they called on Envivo surveyors to help.

Our teams took a topographical survey including the entranceways, drainage through the site, footpaths, contours and, most importantly, the base of pine trees (including large trunks). The brief didn’t include measuring the height of the pine trees, but we can easily do that too.

The plan provided to Auckland Council will be used to evaluate the layout of the park and decide how best to manage the planting and mature trees in the future. Accurate information is vital for decision-making and is a permanent record for future of what the park’s features are.

With the recent high winds there were numerous hazards including falling tree limbs and very uneven ground. We found:
• 84 dead trees (higher than 1.5m with sign of life)
• 139 stumps (generally sawn off)
• 282 pine trees (trunks)

We work with many large parks and landscapers to map the land, preparing plans that can be used for future development and consents.

However you don’t have to own a forest or have the responsibility of tree management for a Local Authority to need a tree survey. Tree surveys are also carried out to determine the risk they potentially or actually pose to members of the public, buildings and property.

If you’re buying a house which has large trees situated in close proximity to the building a mortgage lender may also request a tree survey is carried out; likewise if there’s a indication of building subsidence and a tree or trees are close to the subsidence area a deformation survey may be useful. An accurate survey can be vital in fully understanding the site – and that’s where we can help.

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