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We are excited by the new Google satellite imagery for the Auckland area. This new view of our largest city is only weeks old, we’ve created a short Google Earth Tour of some of the apartment sites we at Envivo are working on click here.  We have plenty more in progress…

3D Laser Scanning the ideal choice for Leaky Apartments

Envivo_3D_Laser_scanning_6 Envivo_3D_Laser_scanning_1 Envivo_3D_Laser_scanning_2 Envivo_3D_Laser_scanning_3

When Brosnan Construction and CoveKinloch looked at recladding leaky apartments in Symonds Street for Auckland Property Management Ltd. they called on Envivo to measure the building from top to tail.

The brief was to survey each building; 80 metres long, up to 3 storeys high in the mixed-use development. Mark Finlayson, Envivo Director, recommended 3D laser scanning for the superior detail it would provide. Traditional survey methods would have been far more time consuming and would not have offered the same high level of detail, it’s possible that the real problem areas could fall between the survey marks and be missed. ‘It’s important to know what’s going on between the survey points and exactly where the dilapidation areas are, in order to identify if there are problems and if yes, how serious they are,’ said Mark.

The 3D laser scanner was able to capture the entire site in 66 scans with over 23 million points.  We produced a verticality survey and site set-out for the client and provided a model for the architect.

There were some challenges on site with the building completely surrounded by scaffolding, soon to be encased in shrink wrap. Once the building was completely covered the contractor found they needed more information, as there was no way the building could be re-surveyed at this point, it was fortunate they had chosen 3D laser scanning as it was easy to extract additional information from the original scans and the point cloud.

Mark added ‘we deliver the complete package directly to your desk, it’s like having the site on your workstation. In this case the Navisworks viewer was an ideal solution as Brosnan and CoveKinloch staff can click on the file, open it and look around the site. You can zoom in on specific areas of concern, check measurements, make annotations and share the files with others. It really is the engineering and designing wave of the future.’

The building was destined to be re-clad with an imported cladding product which could have been accurately designed and ordered to suit the existing façade set-out. This is a quick and efficient way to ensure the owners and tenants are not unduly disrupted and resolves issues quickly saving time and money.

Having accurate information about the site, deformation and state of the existing structures enabled the owners and project managers to evaluate how to proceed.  After analysis and cost projections the decision was taken to demolish the existing buildings, which is well underway.

For more information on 3D laser scanning contact us, click here to read more.


  • 3D Laser scanning was chosen for the superior detail it would provide.
  • 3D laser scanning offers geometric accuracy to professional survey standards which means your plans are highly accurate to your specifications.
  • The point cloud allows the contractors to collaborate and work on the design - even after the building was covered in shrinkwrap

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