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We are excited by the new Google satellite imagery for the Auckland area. This new view of our largest city is only weeks old, we’ve created a short Google Earth Tour of some of the apartment sites we at Envivo are working on click here.  We have plenty more in progress…

Aotea Centre ASB Theatre update

Envivo-Surveyor-Auckland-Surveying-Aotea-Centre-ASB-Theatre1 Envivo-Michael-Tagg-Surveyor-Auckland-Surveying-Aotea-Centre-ASB-Theatre3 Envivo-Michael-Tagg-Surveyor-Auckland-Surveying-Aotea-Centre-ASB-Theatre4 Envivo-Surveyor-Auckland-Surveying-Aotea-Centre-ASB-Theatre5

How do you ensure 2,130 theatre seats line-up and orientate in a perfect arc towards the stage so each gets a great view and superb sound?

The answer is you ask Envivo’s Licensed Cadastral Surveyors.

For example – the bolts for Aotea Centre’s ASB Theatre seats.   It’s crucial that each bolt is in exactly the right place and there are thousands of them.   The seats need to line-up with each other, the networking system, the air conditioning vents and each row needs to be spot-on perfect.

Our surveyors have taken 3D measurements and precise set-outs for the seating.

Mark Finlayson, Envivo Director, said “it’s extraordinarily tricky to get this absolutely right, but with our Robotic Total Station we can guarantee each measurement is accurate to millimetres.   It’s been a fascinating job with lots of complex issues.   We are sub-contractors for Hawkins; as they identify issues we discuss the options and come up with the best solution for each challenge.”

This project started in 2010 when we did an Asbuilt survey for the architects, Archoffice.

In 2011 we started working on the complex lighting positions.   Every light was on an unusual angled surface, there were no right-angles and, naturally, they’re extremely high up on the ceiling.

Then there were the acoustic panels.   Each had to be positioned in just the right spot to ensure sound travels up from the stage, bounces off the panels and reaches each seat in the theatre to make sure the audience can hear the performance perfectly.

The Robotic Total Station is ideal for high precision surface scanning, deformation monitoring, set-out and surveying, fantastic for scanning cliff faces, tree limbs, domed ceilings and other unusual objects.   We also have exceptionally advanced surveying equipment that we developed for use on complicated sites.

Find out more about the initial stages of this project…..

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