Auckland Grammar School 3D Laser Scanning

The Auckland Grammar School hall and bell tower is an Auckland icon that is instantly recognisable as being an integral part of the history and culture of Auckland.  The listed building is a Historic Place Category 1 located in Mountain Road, Epsom.

The school was designed by Richard Abbott and C Le N Arnold in the Spanish mission style. It was opened in 1916 and is the main gathering area in the school – still used daily for assemblies for the 2500+ students.  The great hall contains numerous classrooms and is regularly used for events, meetings and exhibitions.

We are working on this beautiful old building to ensure it meets modern safety standards.  Our surveyors are working closely with our structural engineers and project management team to provide:

  • Survey 3D Scanning of bell towers and staff room
  • Concept Structural design for seismic strengthening works
  • Detailed Structural design for seismic strengthening works
  • Opening up of first floor staff room area
  • Building Consent and Tender process
  • Construction Project Management
  • Construction Observation

Before any design or engineering work can commence it’s important to know exactly what is on-site. Malcolm Jaine led the surveying teams with 3D Laser Scanning, an increasingly popular option because of the rich information captured on site.

“historic buildings can be very complicated. As the hall was not built to today’s standards and as buildings tend to settle over time, there can be issues. Even if plans are available there are often discrepancies in what the plans say and what is actually on-site.  3D Laser Scanning captures everything, including any renovations or additions added over the years.  Our models can now be used by all stakeholders to decide how to best manage, maintain and improve the property.  The school, architect, structural engineers, project managers etc. can be sure they’re all working on the same data set. ”

Mark Finlayson, Survey Director

Health and Safety is, naturally, very important to us.  Our Senior Structural Engineer (CPENG qualified), said “the structure is in need of additional strength to carry on its legacy.  The work we are undertaking upgrades the building and improves it to meet, and exceed, current National Building Standards (NBS).  The last time strengthening took place was in 1994, since then the Building Act 2004 has been implemented and all buildings in the Auckland area built before 1976 have been reviewed and are expected to be raised to the new building standards.”

More photos and point clouds for this project found here.

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