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We are excited by the new Google satellite imagery for the Auckland area. This new view of our largest city is only weeks old, we’ve created a short Google Earth Tour of some of the apartment sites we at Envivo are working on click here.  We have plenty more in progress…

Carpark Rehabilitations for Auckland Council

Murray Halberg Park Sign Murray Halberg Reserve Mt Albert (1) Point England Reserve aerial shot Tamaki_Campus_carpark

Carparks often need attention and TLC to bring them up to standard; they may need resealing, repair and resurfacing. Sometimes drains simply aren’t doing their job or the area has just become tired and shabby. It’s not as simple as pouring a new layer of asphalt though and this is where our civil engineers can help.

We have been working on a number of carparks for Auckland Council. Each has followed a similar process of:

  • Full site survey to capture all features in 3D for design, including sealed areas, kerbs, paths, drainage, trees and buildings
  • Engineering site inspection to assess condition of existing kerbs, sealed areas and drainage
    Processing of data and production of existing site plans, creation of detailed 3D modelling for civil engineering design
  • Civil engineering design of carpark reformations including earthwork modelling (cut and fill), proposed pavement design and associated drainage design to ensure minimal disruption and a perfect fit with existing infrastructure
  • Development of design and construction drawings, tender schedules and associated documents for construction to enable the Council to proceed with the works on-schedule. We provided :
  • Existing site plans for Council’s internal property records
    Civil engineering construction drawings and specifications for upgrade works
  • Associated tender schedules and Engineer’s estimates to allow Council to tender the works and prepare budgets

As always, there are some challenges on each site such as working in and around the public on very busy, high-use sporting and recreation areas. Our teams are flexible and are able to schedule site visits very early (and at other times when sporting events were cancelled).

Our engineers love getting their teeth into all sorts of projects and giving some TLC to carparks is just one of the many kinds of civil engineering we provide, others include:

Carparks, Roading, Driveways and Access—

  • Layout, design and maximizing the space available
  • Co-ordinated design including associated drainage, electrical and other services
  • Pavement design, construction management, observation and certification
  • Visibility assessments, tracking and manoeuvring
  • Access suitability assessment, access gradient design
  • Geometric road design and 3D modelling

Earthworks and Site Works —

  • Earthwork cut/fill volume and area design and monitoring
  • Site work management plans
  • Erosion and sediment control design

Three Waters — stormwater, wastewater and water supply. We have the expertise to develop

  • water management solutions for any project;
  • Surface water drainage design
  • Catchment modelling and capacity assessments
  • Wetlands and low impact design solutions
  • Onsite wastewater treatment and re-use design
  • Reticulation design

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