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We are excited by the new Google satellite imagery for the Auckland area. This new view of our largest city is only weeks old, we’ve created a short Google Earth Tour of some of the apartment sites we at Envivo are working on click here.  We have plenty more in progress…

Christchurch’s Scarborough Hills Surveys

Envivo-Christchurch-Scarborough-Hills-Surveying-Surveyor-Survey-certification-Christchurch-City-Council-3 Envivo-Christchurch-Scarborough-Hills-Surveying-Surveyor-Survey-certification-Christchurch-City-Council-4 Envivo-Christchurch-Scarborough-Hills-Surveying-Surveyor-Survey-certification-Christchurch-City-Council-2 Envivo-Christchurch-Scarborough-Hills-Surveying-Surveyor-Survey-certification-Christchurch-City-Council-5

The stunning views and idyllic neighbourhood of Scarborough makes it a highly sought-after area.   It’s no surprise that many homeowners have chosen to demolish damaged houses and rebuild on the same land.

Envivo surveyors are working with Christchurch’s high-end architects and innovative builders who are creating afresh the city’s premier suburbs. Before building starts there is site preparation and the all-important council consents.

Experience counts and the Christchurch council says ‘building consents can be complex. We recommend that you engage professionals to help with the design work, drawings, specification and documentation.’

Examples of work our survey teams have done recently in the Sumner area includes the picturesque Scarborough Road:

Redefinition survey and certification – this is where our surveyors redefine your section by pegging the corners of the site and along the boundaries. Pegs can be hard to find as they may be buried by plants, covered by sediment, they could have moved or maybe missing altogether with land deformation.

Building setout – Having your building set out by a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor on these tricky steep sites can save a lot of time and cost further down the track. Councils often require a Setout certificate when you apply for a code of compliance certificate. The consequences of a building being in the incorrect place can be expensive.

Building location certificate – this is a legal document the Christchurch Council requires to confirm that the building work has commenced with the foundations correctly sited. There are many different kinds of documentation needed when building, or rebuilding, and we can help.

If you would like to find out more about Christchurch Council requirements, survey options and consents contact us on 03 928 1185.

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