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Daldy St Play Structures, Wynyard Quarter Precinct


Client:              LandLAB Landscape Architects, Auckland

Structural engineering is a serious business, luckily our engineers get to have some fun too. We worked on the striking Daldy Street Playground in Wynyard Quarter Precinct. The tank theme includes two tall towers with climbing equipment and slides reflecting the surrounding industrial structures and creating a popular inner-city park to enjoy with the family.

Construction Budget $ 1.5 million

The playtank structures were conceived, designed and constructed under a tight deadline. Concept discussions started in March 2014 and the structures were completed and opened to the public mid-December 2015 in time for Christmas holidays. The tanks are built from steel, recovered wharf timber and concrete to fit in with the neighbouring site and surrounds.

Roman Savko, structural engineer, said ‘the architecture of the play structures was chosen by LandLAB landscape architects to be a reflection of both the Maori and recent industrial history of the surrounding waterfront area. Storage tanks for industrial fluids, including petroleum are still present in the area which is in the process of changing from a purely industrial port area to one which is increasingly catering to modern residential apartments, commercial premises and public spaces. The galvanised and stainless steel finishes of the play structures continue the industrial heritage of the site while providing for a robust, durable and economic finish amid the aggressive corrosive environment of the waterfront.’

The play tank is a public space steel structure with 2 elevated floors accessed by an internal spiral stair case. Playground slides originate and curve down from each elevated level to the ground making the space a family playground.

Roman added ‘this was a really interesting project. The water tank rises 7 metres into the air and is elevated on a circular frame supported by columns 2 metres high. Numerous water play features around the water tank enable children and the public to engage with these water toys which are educational models of real-world engineered manipulations of water and water flow. The water tank is filled with used water from the clean water used for toys so it can be recycled by a system of irrigation for the surrounding landscaped native plant features, which also double as a natural purification system for surface water runoff before it enters the storm water system and the sea nearby.’

LandLAB designed the architecture of the play tank structure modelled on the form of a traditional Maori eel trap. The circular arrangement of structural members and inner entry tube and netting replace the forms of sticks and flax netting and cordage in the traditional traps. The children’s play slides and cylindrical shape are also in line with the industrial fluid storage tanks and pipe networks of the area and provides for a historical continuity of the same man-made form.

The early stage engineering input by JAWA / ENVIVO Ltd helped the client achieve their vision with few compromises required for practical construction.  Read More.

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