East Frame Christchurch

The high profile East Frame project is well underway with our Envivo structural and civil engineering teams working hard to deliver Christchurch’s landmark precinct.  East Frame is a new central city park which will be surrounded by residential housing, cafes, restaurants and commercial activities.  The East Frame public space has now been given a name – Rauora Park.

The park already features a very popular children’s playground and has open spaces, mounds, paved areas, cycleways, paths, raingardens and landscaping that connect the CBD and residential neighbourhoods to the Avon River.

The nearby Avon River Precinct which Envivo has also assisted designing is appealing and functional, with terraces, pathways and cycleways allowing access to the river and linking to the Bridge of Remembrance.  The focus has been on ecological and sustainable engineering that delivers storm water run-off to the Avon that is cleaner than ever.  Our engineers worked closely with specialists to ensure the local eel population would be catered for by incorporating specially designed holes for eel homes into the river terraces.

“We have an excellent team, with strong collaboration between client, contractors and consultants.   This has been an exciting project from the initial evaluation and planning to the current site-work.”

Rob Walsham, Envivo’s Principal Engineer

Our consultants were part of the winning design construction contract and have provided:

  • Highly detailed Civil and Structural engineering drawings
  • Recommendations and plans for land remediation strategies
  • Engineering design for earthworks, raingardens, paving, stormwater, waste water and water supply throughout the park and linking to the adjacent superlots
  • Services for new developments
  • On-site engineering, MSQA services and project input
  • Surveying

“We have a passion for making the park and surrounding streets look attractive.  We bring an important eye to the design.  It is very satisfying to be working closely with a high functioning team, engaging with stakeholders, utility providers, Otakaro and the Christchurch City Council.  There has been a lot to coordinate to bring it all together, it’s happened very quickly and we’re tracking well.”

Rob Walsham, Envivo’s Principal Engineer

East Frame is located between Manchester and Madras Streets and extends from Lichfield Street in the south to immediately north of the Ōtākaro/Avon River, bordering the Margaret Mahy Family Playground.  Envivo are working closely with Citycare, JFC, Boffa Miskell, and E cubed.

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