Flooding Surveys for Auckland Council

With the recent storms and chaotic weather our surveyors have been busy assisting Auckland Council with land surveying.

Tom Bretherton, Licensed Cadastral Surveyor and Managing Director, said “The extreme rainfall led to extensive flooding with the hardest hit areas in South and West Auckland.  We are part of Auckland Council’s response team and can quickly mobilise our surveyors.  The Council needed to capture information rapidly on the high water levels – and measure effects on infrastructure and properties.

“The data captured from the record-breaking downpour is being used with the Council’s flood hazard modelling software.  This enables everyone involved to refine and improve the information held on Auckland infrastructure and properties. The next step is to prioritise work, design improvements and more accurately schedule maintenance.  The idea is to future-proof Auckland and ensure that the effects of severe weather events are minimised.  This will also have a long-term benefit of making sure infrastructure is in place for our burgeoning population growth and future-proofing our city.”

Our surveyors work closely with our civil engineers who are specialists in evaluating flood hazards, overland flow analysis, onsite wastewater treatment design, stormwater, water supply and water reticulation.

Tom added “there are very few areas of Auckland that we are unfamiliar with.  We use the same Geographic Information System (GIS) software that Auckland Council uses which allows the data our survey teams collect to be directly input into Council’s system. Our surveying teams are out and about every day gathering data helping Council to make informed decisions for the betterment of all Aucklanders.”

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