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We are excited by the new Google satellite imagery for the Auckland area. This new view of our largest city is only weeks old, we’ve created a short Google Earth Tour of some of the apartment sites we at Envivo are working on click here.  We have plenty more in progress…

Galway Street upgrade – continuation of the Britomart redevelopment

Envivo_Engineering_Surveying_Planning_Auckland_CBD_Britomart_Galway_streetscapes_open_spaces Envivo_Engineering_Surveying_Planning_Auckland_CBD_Britomart_Galway_streets_shared_spaces Envivo_Engineering_Surveying_Planning_Auckland_CBD_Britomart_Galway_streets_open_spaces_shared_streetscape Envivo_Engineering_Surveying_Planning_Auckland_CBD_Britomart_Galway_streets_civil_engineers

Our consultants have been working on the Britomart upgrade and have recently completed improvements along Galway Street.  The area is being restructured to become a shared space, with the paved area used by both pedestrians and vehicles simultaneously, similar in design to the work we have done on Fort Street and O’Connell Streets.

Key improvements include:

  • Transforming the existing road surface to a paved surface
  • Clearly defined zones for vehicles and pedestrians
  • Outdoor seating
  • Transforming the street from a dark inner-city alley to a bright and attractive street by installing three new streetlights and attractive paving
  • Improved drainage
  • Creating access for vehicles and pedestrians from Britomart Place to Gore St through Galway St which is welcoming and light (a big improvement from its previous gloomy aspect).

The project to improve the area is a partnership between Auckland Council, Auckland Transport and Cooper & Co, as part of a masterplan design programme to create shared spaces across the city.

We’re busy with:

  • Civil and structural design
  • Overseeing construction quality
  • MSQA (Management Surveillance and Quality Assurance)
  • Administration of the construction contract

Fergus Fahy, Project Manager, said “This has been an intense project.  The challenges of improving a live street are always tricky.  This area is very busy with transport hubs such as the Britomart train station right next door and a high number of pedestrians and vehicles around at all hours.  One of the key issues was that deliveries to the Westpac building loading dock had to be accessible 24/7, located right in the middle of Galway Street.  In order to minimise disruption we scheduled major earthworks on Galway Street over the Easter break.  The Contractor started on the Thursday evening and worked continuously, through nights, until Tuesday morning when the CBD opened for business again with Envivo undertaking inspections and being on call throughout the whole weekend.  For large projects such as Auckland Airport redevelopment and infrastructure work, we are able to work to tight timelines and have teams on-call and on-site at all hours.”

There are always unknown factors when working on a historical part of the city. It’s the uncertainty of not knowing what might be hidden in the ground and as the asbuilt information is not always up-to-date, the design team overcame challenges on the fly without compromising the projects objectives (time, cost, quality). Innovative design solutions are always needed and having our consultants on-hand to discuss the best options without adding to the budget or timeframe or reducing the quality has been invaluable in keeping our projects on-track.

Fergus added “Whilst we are making the street look appealing and inviting there are also a lot of design features, future-proofed services and infrastructure cunningly incorporated.  It has been a terrific team to work with comprising of Auckland Council, Auckland Transport, Cooper & Co, eCubed Building Workshop, Aecom, Peddlethorp and JFC.”

Dave Bensley, Development Britomart, COOPER AND COMPANY:
“Just want to say that I have been very impressed with Fergus Fahy efforts on Stage 2 at Galway Street, Britomart. He is technically sharp and also fulfilled his role as Engineer’s Representative very professionally. He is a team player but has also made some tough calls befitting his duty. He has good man-management skills mixed with a good dose of Irish humour. I trust our paths meet again and we can work with Fergus in the future.”

Ian Bielawa, Principal Project Manager, Infrastructure Division, Auckland Transport

“Fergus undertook his job as engineer’s representative in a positive and pleasing manner.

He has always maintained thorough documentation of the contract formalities and took part in a collaborative working environment.

A top performer.”

Rob Walsham, Envivo’s Principal Engineer and Engineer to the Contract, added “It was great to see this complex project come together and our staff, led by Fergus, supported by Pablo as Site Supervisor and Design Engineer, working so effectively towards the successful outcome.  This is the continuation of many other streetscape CBD projects Envivo has recently carried out. Along with Stage 1, and the associated redevelopment of Tiffany’s and Australis House by Cooper and Co and Peddle Thorp, Stage 2 has beautifully transformed the eastern end of Galway Street.  The success of this type of project relies completely upon obtaining the trust and a close knit collaboration between the client, designers and contractor which everyone on this job achieved exceptionally well.”

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