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Gasoline Alley Services gets the green light

2013-Envivo-Gasoline-Alley-Dominion-Road-Resource-Consent-Planners-Planning-Natasha-Rivai Envivo-gasoline-alley-Dominion-Road-resource-consent-4 Envivo-gasoline-alley-Dominion-Road-Resource-Consent-Before-the-transformation-2013 1 Envivo-gasoline-alley-Dominion-Road-Resource-Consent-Before-the-transformation-2013

Gasoline Alley Services (GAS) began in 1999 re-opening petrol stations that had been abandoned by international companies.

When Phil Murray wanted to reinstate the Dominion Road petrol station he talked to the Envivo planners. There were numerous issues to overcome:

  • Regional and District consents for the use and storage of hazardous substance on the site.
  • The building is located adjacent to residential properties. Successfully obtaining neighbours written approval was key in enabling the application to be processed on a non-notified basis.
  • Due to the history of the area and the number of other established automotive-based businesses nearby with a ‘shared’ parking arrangement, a concern was a car parking shortfall.
  • Access and traffic issues were a prime concern due to the site being on a corner site on Dominion Road, which has one of the busiest and heaviest traffic flows in Auckland.
  • Contamination was also a key problem as the site had previously been a petrol station for many years. Reinstatement required consideration under the current standards including the National Environmental Standard for Contamination in Soil.
  • The use of the existing canopy on the site for GAS, which extended across the public footpath along Dominion Road, required a separate License To Occupy application from Auckland Transport.

How did Envivo overcome these issues?

“There were plenty of challenges with the Landuse Consent including managing the different specialists’ input requirements and Auckland Council and Transports’ expectations”.

“We compiled an application to support the proposal, hiring numerous specialists to provide research and reporting.   These included Architectural Designs BD Group, traffic engineers TEAM Traffic, acoustic engineers Hegley Acoustics, contamination specialists EnviroServices and lighting engineer Berman Kofoed.   Each professional was essential to assessing their specialty areas.   With the information gathered, I could create a supportable design and thorough assessment of the proposal to enable a favourable decision for our Client.”

A pre-application meeting with Auckland Council officers prior to preparation of the application was beneficial in identifying the full scope of potential effects and information required to be provided to support the application.

Because of the number of specialist consultants and Council Officers involved, it was important to maintain clear lines of communication between the project team to ensure the Client was always kept involved with the process.   As there were time constraints for our Client’s lease deadlines, the constant communication and transparent process facilitated progress and understanding of the process for the team.

“All-in-all it was a thoroughly interesting project to work on and we’re delighted with the successful outcome.” After a 6 month building consent and construction process, GAS Dominion Road opened on 22 March 2013.

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