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How do you measure the contents of a silo of cement?

Envivo-Golden-Bay-Cement-Survey-Silo-Plumer-Street-Surveyor-Surveying-Auckland-2013 Envivo-Golden-Bay-Cement-Silo-Survey-Plumer-Street-Surveyor-Surveying-Volumetric-Calculations-stocktake-2013-ship Envivo-Golden-Bay-Cement-Silo-Survey-Plumer-Street-Surveyor-Surveying-Volumetric-Calculations-stocktake-2013-inside-the-silo Golden Bay Cement Logo Square Envivo

Golden Bay Cement is New Zealand’s largest cement manufacturer and supplier. The cement is manufactured at the Portland plant, near Whangarei. Cement is transported via ship and barge and unloaded and stored at the Eastport Service Centre in central Auckland, into the bulk cement store which is separated into a series of large rectangular silos.

When Sean Dillon, Logistics Controller at Golden Bay Cement, wanted to verify the volume of cement in the 25,000 tonne cement bulk store he called on Envivo surveyors.

He said “Golden Bay Cement are very happy with the service provided by Envivo and the short turnaround to receive a final report (2-3 days). This is critical for our internal inventory reporting which confirms our existing robust stock controls are effective and is a definite plus.”

Mark Finlayson, Envivo Director, said “This was a thoroughly interesting project. The technical challenges of the site required an innovative solution. We used the architectural information and the data we captured on-site to solve the problem of determining the volumes of the empty silos. We could then compare this model against the survey of the top of the cement pile to calculate the total stock volume. We’re delighted that Golden Bay Cement is happy with the results we provided. The survey is scheduled for every six months to assist Golden Bay Cement with their stock takes.”

Envivo surveyors measured the internal dimensions of each silo and the cement in order to calculate the volume. There are three large silos and a fourth silo which is divided into three compartments for specialised cement products. The bulk store is the largest in New Zealand; each silo is 27 metres x 17 metres and 10 metres deep, which means each silo is larger than a tennis court and deeper than a three-storey building.

The building was designed specially for Golden Bay Cement; it is state-of-the-art and highly automated. Each of the six silos in the service centre part of the facility holds 150 tonnes of cement. It’s a highly efficient site; three cement tankers can be filled at one time and can enter, load and leave the site in eight minutes.

Cement is the essential base material for today’s construction. As the fundamental constituent of concrete it is all around us – in homes, commercial and industrial premises and infrastructure projects.

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