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Howick Pakuranga Netball Centre

envivo_jawa_structural_engineering_howick_pakuranga_netball_centre_auckland_sports envivo_jawa_structural_engineering_howick_pakuranga_netball_centre_auckland

When the Howick Pakuranga Netball Association wanted to revamp their facilities at Lloyd Elsmore Park in Pakuranga they engaged ArchOffice Architects and Envivo/JAWA structural engineers to come up with a practical, cost effective solution that would provide elevated external viewing decks to courts on each side of the building, a new mezzanine floor to provide additional internal space, and a new main entry. To support the new entry area the existing basement was also extended, with new blockwork retaining walls constructed and new concrete floor slabs spanning from the existing building.

The existing pitched roof was extended at each end of the building. At the rear this new high level roof replaces an old lean-to roof to provide space for a mezzanine over the toilets and change rooms. At the front the roof line has been extended forward over the new entry. With cantilevered external balconies not possible off the existing structure, and supporting posts from below also not possible due to the proximity of the courts, a clever solution was conceived where the outside edges of the balconies were supported on steel hanger posts off extensions to the existing steel portal frame rafters supporting the roof. This allowed a clear space to be maintained beneath the balconies.

The completed refurbishment provides the association with a refreshed and modernised building with more useable space and much improved views of games in progress on the courts. Envivo’s structural engineering team had to come up with some innovative solutions to a number of challenging problems that arose from extending an existing two storey structure such as this. Howick Pakuranga Netball were extremely pleased with the final result.

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