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Jet Park Hotel – Structural Engineering

Envivo_JAWA_Structural_Engineering_Jet_Park_Hotel_Mangere_Auckland_exterior Envivo_JAWA_Structural_Engineering_Jet_Park_Hotel_Mangere_Auckland Envivo_JAWA_Structural_Engineering_Jet_Park_Hotel_Mangere_Auckland_1 JAWA_Structural_Engineering_Jet_Park_Hotel_Mangere_Auckland_construction_2016

Our structural engineers are pleased to complete the newest hotel and conference centre, located at 63 Westney Road, close to Auckland Airport. The project included a 6 level new hotel with a brand new conference centre and two new carparks with ancillary landscaping. It also included a large drop-off zone for tourist busses as well as a back of house area for staff, kitchen facilities and offices.

Jet Park Airport Hotel opened 60 new guest rooms to add to the 167 they already had on-site on 15 July 2016.

Prajna Singh, structural engineer, said “this was a challenging project, a multi-storey hotel always is, there were complex technical issues to overcome, but the result looks fantastic. We were challenged right from the get-go as the building is located right over a very large plate of peat, and located between an existing hotel complex and a large stormwater pond, both within a metre of the new hotel. The building had to be founded on steel H piles up to 23.0m deep, with the conference centre having cantilever foundation beams on steel piles up to 15m deep. The upper 5 levels of structure is precast concrete floor on precast concrete walls with a large transfer slab on level 1 as the client wished to have clean floor plate with minimum columns for a restaurant and foyer for the ancillary new conferencing facilities. All floor and wall penetrations for mechanical and hydraulic services had to be pre-coordinated to minimise any onsite core drilling.”

This project was achieved with ENVIVO providing Structural and Civil Engineering, Project Management and Engineer to contract services.

The conference centre has a capacity for 250 guests and features state of the art facilities, modern contemporary design and cutting edge audio visual facilities. Some of the features include natural lighting in all the conference rooms and utilisation of the latest sustainable materials and designs.

As part of the site development Jet Park Hotel has developed a pond and wetland area with native planting adjacent to the centre with an out-door area where groups may enjoy BBQs, teambuilding activities, and other outside activities.

Jet Park Hotel was opened in 1998 and is a family owned enterprise which enjoys a 4-Star Plus and Enviro-Gold Qualmark rating. Congratulations to the Jet Park Hotel team on your superb facilities. Visit and see: 

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