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NZ Rose Garden Developments Ltd $300 million 800-unit Albany project

Envivo_Rose_Garden_Development_Engineers_Don_McKinnon_Drive_Apartments Envivo_Apartments_Albany_Civil_Engineering NZ Herald snip Envivo_Scott_Lamason_Rose_Gardens_Apartments_Albany_Auckland

In March 2015 NZ Rose Garden Developments Ltd announced their new $300 million 800-unit Albany project, promoted as New Zealand’s largest residential apartment development.

James Hook, Envivo Director, said “Envivo planners surveyors and engineers have been integrally involved in the premier apartment development at 25 Don McKinnon Drive. This is an exemplar of modern apartment design, sitting in a key location of Albany centre. The project has provided the Envivo team with a series of unique challenges they have successfully overcome to achieve consents and approval from Council on a non-notified basis.
We wish the team every success in their project and look forward to working with them in the future.

Envivo planners, surveyors and engineers are involved throughout the process with our surveyors kicking off the project with a full topographical Survey. Our engineering and planning experts then undertook the infrastructure design and prepared the resource consent application.

Lahiru Wijewardhana, Planning Consultant, prepared the resource consent application for this development. Lahiru said “the biggest achievement from a planning point of view was to get the resource consent approved non-notified which means it’s faster for the client and a smoother progression through Council. To achieve this, we had to do a thorough evaluation of the potential effects, and where necessary we sought specialist input from other consultants (e.g. traffic, noise).

We are working with a big project team comprising of consultants from other companies, so the major challenge was to co-ordinate all of their input in a timely manner to meet the resource consent lodgement deadline. The client was set on a particular lodgement date, and although there were some delays from some of the other external consultants, we were able to deliver (i.e. lodge the resource consent application) on the agreed date.”
Lahiru added “the Client, Architect and the other specialists were very enjoyable to work with, which helped a lot. They were willing to listen, and take our advice on board, and help us out with information where necessary.

Envivo’s engineers managed the civil engineering design of:

  • Stormwater
  • Wastewater
  • Rainwater collection and Reuse
  • Road runoff treatment and Rain garden Design
  • Road design
  • Bulk Earthworks
  • Below Slab Subsoil Drainage
  • Footpath
  • Power and water services.
  • Construction site meeting and site visits/monitoring

Our engineers said ‘this was a thoroughly interesting project to work on – it’s great to be involved in the largest residential apartment development in the country and for it to come together so efficiently. We are looking forward to further development on the various stages as they get underway.”

For more information on Context Architects, who designed the development, see:


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