Renovating? Your architect will need property information – we can help

“We were very pleased with Envivo as part of our home renovation. Before the project began, Chris Shortt, the engineer, clearly explained (in simple laymen’s terms) what the project would contain, the processes involved and the anticipated outcome. For something which would usually be too technical to fully grasp, we felt comfortable and informed through the project. The final report was both clear and timely. We’d be happy to recommend Envivo to others.”   Mitch & Caroline Cuevas

Before you start renovating or adding to your home there are reports you and your architect will need, in this example in Grey Lynn we provided a:

  • Topographical Survey
  • Overland flow path report

Our surveyors and civil engineers worked together to deliver:

  • A topographical survey, which is a highly accurate measurement and recording of the physical features of a property that includes levels, contours, buildings, structures, trees, services and shows the position of the boundaries.  Architects, engineers and project managers need this information before they can start to design, build or renovate.
  •  An overland flow path report.  Proposed additions and alterations to the home needed resource consent including information on overland flow effects.  Envivo undertook a site survey and detailed investigation (including the surrounding catchment area) to determine that Council’s flood information in this area, based on a region-wide modelling approach, was inaccurate and the apparent overland flow shown on Council records is incorrect.

The result of the overland flow path report is great news for the owners – there is no need for changes to the proposed additions.

Chris Shortt, senior engineer, said “we were delighted with the outcome, it’s always satisfying to solve issues like this and hopefully the client is happy with the result that they can proceed with their plans.  Stormwater and wastewater issues can be costly so it’s good to see this was sorted out so easily.”

For more information on how the Envivo engineers can help you see: or contact Chris Shortt, Senior Engineer and Engineering Team Leader.

See also:  Auckland Council Flood Hazard Mapping

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