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Rentable Area Surveys

Envivo-Rentable-Area-Survey-BOMA-NABERSNZ-Green-Star-Internal-Measurement-Surveying-Surveyor-Certified Envivo-Rentable-Area-Survey-BOMA-NABERSNZ-Green-Star-Internal-Measurement-Surveying-Surveyor-Certified-Auckland Envivo-Rentable-Area-Survey-BOMA-NABERSNZ-Green-Star-Internal-Measurement-Surveying-Surveyor-Certified-office-building Envivo-Rentable-Area-Survey-BOMA-NABERSNZ-Green-Star-Internal-Measurement-Surveying-Surveyor-Certified-warehouse

Why would you need a Rentable Area Survey?

If you are a landlord you would be most interested in ensuring that you are receiving rent based on an accurate measurement of your building.

If you are a tenant you would also want to know that you are paying the right amount of rent.

Architectural plans are not always accurate or easy to assess.  As the name implies the Rentable Area survey is all about gaining an accurate measurement of the tenancy areas within commercial buildings such as offices, shops and factory premises.

The other big advantage of having an accurate and certified survey of a commercial building is that you need this information for a Green Star assessment or NABERSNZ rating.

Mark Finlayson, director of Surveying at Envivo says “many of the assessment tools used in the sustainable buildings ratings systems calculate the density of occupiers per square metre. It’s often better to have a large square metreage and our surveys are highly accurate – they include indents, window sills, alcoves and common areas (if needed).”

Many of the rating systems look at energy use and energy management – it’s important to measure each aspect accurately, plus the floor area, and that’s where we can help. We understand what the rating systems are looking for,” added Mark.

For more information on the Green Star rating tool click here.

For more information on the NABERSNZ Certified rating system click here.

The more information you can compile in advance, the easier it is for an Accredited Assessor to carry out a NABERSNZ or Green Star rating. The information required for a NABERSNZ rating includes:

  • 12 months’ energy consumption data (This can be compiled from bills for electricity, gas, etc. The first and last bills in a rating period cannot be an estimate so you may need more than 12 months’ of information, just to be sure.)
  • location (postcode)
  • rentable area of your office premises in m2 (shown on survey diagrams or lease documents) • number of computers in regular use
  • hours of occupancy

Your Accredited Assessor can give you further guidance on the data you need to collect.  We can help with the first steps and gathering the information required – contact us.

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