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We are excited by the new Google satellite imagery for the Auckland area. This new view of our largest city is only weeks old, we’ve created a short Google Earth Tour of some of the apartment sites we at Envivo are working on click here.  We have plenty more in progress…

Rongomai Sports Centre

envivo_jawa_structural_engineers_rongomai_sports_centre_auckland_flat_bush envivo_jawa_structural_engineering_rongomai_sports_centre_auckland envivo_jawa_structural_engineers_rongomai_sports_centre_auckland envivo_jawa_structural_engineers_rongomai_sports_centre_auckland_pavilion_construction

Envivo’s JAWA structural engineers collaborated with ArchOffice Architects to design a new pavilion building to support sports fields at Rongomai Reserve, off Te Irirangi Drive in Flat Bush. The  reserve houses both softball diamonds and soccer fields, so the facility is used year-round.

The two-storey building has changing rooms, store rooms, public toilets and a tuck shop on the ground floor, with function rooms, kitchen/bar, administration offices and a viewing deck at one end on the first floor. The side of the building facing the reserve has large floor to ceiling windows at the first floor to provide views to the playing fields. Provision was made in the design for the addition of an external deck along the front of the building in the future. At the rear, access to the first floor of the building is via an elevated ramp spanning across from the carpark.

An interesting feature of the design is the use of ‘cor-ten’ weathering steel mesh panels to clad the rear wall of the building, to provide visual interest from the road via the weathered steel as well as security (the steel mesh screens cover the entire rear wall, including the windows). The same weathered steel mesh is used in gates to the ramp and stairs to the upper level, as well as sliding screens to secure the changing rooms when the building is not in use.

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