Spatial Information resolves issues – Information is Power

When a site is being developed it’s necessary to confirm how services are installed versus design.  Envivo has been involved in the early stages of developing a Manukau multi-storey hotel.

Envivo was tasked with confirming drainage and pipe locations on the ground floor slab before the design progressed into the vertical space.  Our solution was to laser scan the site and overlay the drawings with the scan data.

This illustrated clearly any variations between the plans and scanned data and enabled the architect, site foreman (and any other interested parties) to fully understand the site.  The result has given everyone involved the spatial information needed to resolve any issues and make decisions prior to ongoing construction.

Our team:

  • Visited the site and established survey control based on previous surveys in the immediate area
  • Laser scanned the site to capture asbuilt drainage geometry
  • Compared the asbuilt drainage with the design and show the differences on a plan.

Mark Finlayson, Survey Director said “This is a classic BIM (Building Information Management) 4D integration.  It is also an elegant demonstration of how laser scanning can quickly correlate the physical environment with proposed design.  Without creating a battery of drawings we can simply illustrate any variations in an integrated BIM viewer.”

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