Stormwater solutions on new driveways

New driveways require careful thought and planning. Numerous issues have to be considered such as how to cope with the additional stormwater runoff.

As part of Land Use Consent for a new driveway, Envivo’s engineering team were engaged to develop a solution for a tricky driveway.

There was no room next to the new driveway for stormwater runoff. Where could the water go?

Envivo engineers offset the old driveway’s stormwater to compensate for the new driveway. We worked closely with Auckland Council Development Engineers to create a solution around the existing site features. Chris Shortt, Senior Engineer, said “There was a rock garden on the boundary of the site which we could use effectively. The rocks and the plants filter out the contaminants.”

The consent for the driveway was granted without the client needing to go through the expensive exercise of re-designing the driveway or constructing a new stormwater treatment devices.

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