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Subdividing your property

James-Hook-Mark-Finlayson-Envivo-Directors-Planners-Surveyors-Engineers-Auckland-Unitary-Plan-2013 Envivo-Subdivide-Subdividing-Property-Planner-Planning-Resource-Consent-Assessment-of-Environmental-Effects-Auckland Envivo-Subdivision-subdivide-Albany-Auckland-survey-surveying-surveyor Envivo-Surveyors-Surveying-Malcolm-Jaine-Auckland-Beachlands-Eco-House1

Subdividing your property can be time consuming and tricky.   Not every property can be subdivided – even if the section is large enough there may be other restrictions such as zoning rules, council rules and neighbourhood assessments.  Envivo can help with a feasibility study to see if you property is able to be subdivided.

If the answer is Yes you will need to obtain a Resource Consent which will have to include an Assessment of Environmental Effects.  Our planners will thoroughly research the site and the neighbourhood, discuss the plans with your architect and create a detailed consent application for the Council.

You will need to engage a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor to prepare the necessary scheme/survey plan.  We have surveyors in-house who can work with our planners and your architect to provide all the information required.

We also have in-house civil and environmental engineers who can assist with any land development issues.  Roading, driveways, accessways, infrastructure design, stormwater, wastewater and water supply, earthworks and site works may be needed to shape the land in preparation for development.

We offer comprehensive experience; over the last 12 years we carried out over 7700 jobs over 1000 subdivisions, over 4000 topographical surveys, more than 700 redefinition surveys, and hundreds of asbuilt, compliance and setout surveys.   Our planning team has undertaken over 1500 pure planning jobs.

To read more about the requirements for subdividing see:

Auckland Council

Christchurch City Council

We can help you assess whether you can subdivide your property and manage the process for you.

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