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TRG Building, Shakespeare Road


Location:              207-213 Shakespeare Rd, Takapuna, Auckland

Client:                  Aspec Properties

Architect:            Peddlethorp Architects

JAWA Structures provided all the structural and civil services for the TRG building and the carpark for 73 vehicles from concept design to completion. This is one of the most advanced radiology centres in NZ including 2 MRI machines, CT scanners, 2 X-ray and other services. The installation of MRI’s in the building resulted in additional challenges and coordination including the radiation shielding protection for the MRI’s.

Our engineers provided:

  • Preliminary Design

We prepared structural and civil scheme design sketches outlining principle structural elements and external drainage

  • Detailed Design

Once the scheme design was approved we carried out detailed structural and civil design and prepared CAD engineering drawings documenting all structural components and details sufficient for building consent and tender

  • Consent and Tender Phase

We responded to queries from Council during consent processing
Responded to queries from peer reviewer during design review
Responded to queries from tenderers during tender period

Updated documentation for construction issue

  • Construction Phase

Reviewed shop drawings for structural steel and precast items as required
Carried out site inspections at critical milestones and liaised with contractor as required during construction
Issued PS4 construction review producer statement on satisfactory completion

The TRG Imaging Shakespeare Road was awarded the Fagerhult NZ Health and Medical Property Award of Excellence at the 2016 Property Council New Zealand Rider Levett Bucknall Property Industry Awards event – read more.

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