Verticality Survey

Our consultants often provide information to be used in Expert Evidence which may also be incorporated into an affidavit.

In this example the building surveyors asked us to check the verticality of an occupied apartment block in Auckland’s CBD. We were asked to Asbuilt the existing building’s weatherproofing fabric relative to the external site boundaries.

In order to do this we used 3D laser scanning to successfully measure and assess the building in conjunction with a Topographical Survey including the building façade at ground level, a midway elevation and at the top parapet on the road frontage and southern side.

Our customised survey package included full survey data and a detailed topographical site plan, supplied in both PDF and digital DWG formats that showed the plan view of the road frontage and southern side of the three elevations and dimensions from building to boundary.

Tom Bretherton, director, said ‘we were very pleased with the results of this 12-storey building scan. It was a challenging site due to the large number of surrounding buildings, the only scan access was from the street front and it’s a busy area of the city. However, the scan information is superb and we’re very confident and this provided robust and highly accurate property information.’  

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