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Youthline Papatoetoe resource consents

Youthline-Envivo-Planners-Planning-Auckland-Dhirendra-Singh-2013 Youthline-Envivo-Planners-Planning-Auckland-Dhirendra-Singh-2013 1

Youthline offers services for young people including counselling, training and youth development.  Based at 145 St George St in the converted Papatoetoe fire station the charity runs a community café, Youthline phone helpline hub, seminars, programmes, volunteer training and has rooms for community groups to hire.

Youthline established its activities on the site in two stages, using Envivo planners for the necessary resource consents in 2010. Manukau City Council placed some conditions on the resource consents.  Two of these included:

  • Widening the existing footpath along the site’s St George Street frontage
  • Construction of an acoustic fence along the western boundary

At the time of the building completion Auckland Council required compliance with these conditions and Youthline engaged Envivo to support the process for a Section 127 consent to release Youthline from these obligations.

Envivo Planning Consultants applied to the council for a Section 127 consent. Their detailed assessment showed that these conditions were not necessary for the completion of the building and its use by the community.

The existing footpath more than adequately meets the community needs and widening it would result in loss of the grassy berms.

Neighbours agreed that noise from the centre hadn’t been an issue, so there was no need for an acoustic fence. In fact, some of them were concerned that a high acoustic fence would be detrimental to their properties and were keen to support a request to remove the fencing condition.

Youthline is keen to help the local community and people develop and grow. They are playing an important part by giving people the resources to learn new skills. As well as providing a community space the community cafe is also used as a hospitality training ground for young people and a place to promote healthy eating and nutritional education.

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