Director, Principal Digital Surveyor
BSurv(Dist), Member of Survey and Spatial New Zealand, Licensed Cadastral Surveyor, Professional Registered Surveyor


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Mark Finlayson

Mark is a founding director of BCL Surveyors, which amalgamated with MPC Planning in 2012 to become Envivo.

Early in his career, Mark honed his surveying skills on some of the world’s most innovative projects, from the London Underground and Middle Eastern oil rigs to oil pipeline surveys in Papua New Guinea and laying fibre optic cables throughout South East Asia.

With solid cadastral and construction surveying in his background, Mark is now focused on leading Envivo in our geospatial and digital engineering spaces.  Our geospatial teams have been winning awards for their work in survey and capture data of utilities and structures and turning them into 3D objects for verification and 3D modelling.  Mark is a regular speaker on laser scanning and BIM.

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Other Team

Tom Bretherton

Tom’s key interest areas are urban regeneration, mixed-use developments and commercial projects, together with specialist roles including advisory services and preparing expert evidence on cadastral


James Hook

James founded MPC Planning, which amalgamated with BCL Surveyors in 2012 to become Envivo. With close to 30 years’ experience as a planning consultant, James