Geospatial Manager
Bachelor’s Degree in Geomatics from University of Cape Town


027 356 1136

Steve Richardson

Steve is a resourceful and driven leader with a passion for the 3D environment. With over 15 years of international experience, Steve brings a wealth of knowledge working with leading firms in South Africa.

He is a critical thinker with innovative solutions to the complex needs of projects and is extremely adaptable to the ever-changing professional-spatial environment.

He is specialised in aerial photogrammetric and LiDAR surveys, mobile laser scanning and terrestrial scanning. Additionally, he is proficient in traditional survey techniques.

Steve holds a bachelor’s degree in Geomatics from the internationally renowned – University of Cape Town.

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Other Team

Tom Bretherton

Tom’s key interest areas are urban regeneration, mixed-use developments and commercial projects, together with specialist roles including advisory services and preparing expert evidence on cadastral


Mark Finlayson

Mark is a founding director of BCL Surveyors, which amalgamated with MPC Planning in 2012 to become Envivo. Early in his career, Mark honed his