Volcanic View Shafts

Building in Auckland has some unique challenges and one of these is that building heights may be subject to restrictions under the Volcanic View Shafts rules from Auckland Council.

How do you know if your proposed development will fall into a Volcanic View Shaft?

Envivo surveyors can provide 3D DWG volcanic cone projections for inclusion in design and feasibility proposals.  We have land information that is not readily available in the public realm and can deliver certified definitions.

The Auckland Unitary Plan has retained the majority of volcanic view shafts which can create unexpected limitations on development options.  We can quickly provide volcanic view shaft information for your property (within a few days).

Mark Finlayson, survey director, said

“We have found ambiguities in the definitions from Auckland Council.  The information that Envivo has removes a lot of that uncertainty.  We put a lot of time and effort into ensuring we are accurately representing the volcanic view shaft restrictions, our people have experience in interpreting and understanding the intent of the Council plans.”

Mark added

“On a recent project identifying the correct height allowances were fraught with issues, we had to be very careful in our investigations.  However, we were able to easily include the architects’ model into a laser scanning point cloud and then add the volcanic view shaft layer.  This enabled us to move around the site on-screen to review the restrictions from all sides and with an added bonus that we could look at the surrounding buildings and street views from inside the proposed apartments.  This was a huge advantage at the design and resource-consenting stage of that project’s development.”

Auckland Council’s website has more information on volcanic view shaft zones:  click here and for our surveying services click here.

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